Hi! I’m Andrew J. Andersen. I grew up in Atlanta, GA after being adopted at 3 weeks old from Birmingham, AL. I went to Holy Innocent’s Episcopal School through to 12th grade and worked in their theatre department, and when I graduated from there I went to Young Harris College to pursue a degree in Theatre Performance. There I worked on my vocal performance as well and got to compete nationally for collegiate singing titles, and actually won 2nd my Junior year in 2017. I met my now wife in college and after graduating we moved in together back in Atlanta, and I act full time now for stage, screen, and VO. All of my family is here in Atlanta and I’m very fortunate to have my parents still around the corner from our home.


I am a proud husband and goofball. I’m an avid Dungeons and Dragons fan and I love to sit around a table with some great friends and family and fight imaginary monsters and tell stories together. I’m a big gamer, and I’m always looking forward to E3 and other gaming press conferences to hear the next big game in the Halo series or the new console Sony is putting out. I’m also into comic books and comic book movies, Superman being my favorite hero since I was a kid. I love horror movies and games, and want to direct something in the horror genre someday. I also love to cook, and usually cook all of our home meals. My favorite band in Pentatonix, and I love a cappella music since I was in my first group in high school. I started my own group in college and was their beatboxer, which I still enjoy practicing today. I still sing seasonally with a local Christmas caroling group.